Japan has the unique, effective, and most sophisticated way to relaxing the mind through its Zen practice. The Zen is also reflected in every aspect of life, including Japan house interior design, which brings everyone who enters into Japan style house the calm and relaxes feels. Using simplistic, natural essence and combining comfortable and functional design, the core of Zen teaching is about relaxing and calming vibe in the house.

1. Bring nature into your interior design

KCD Design Studio

2. Change your bathroom into soaking tubs


3. Use Japanese sliding doors and screen for your house

4. Introducing elements of wood and bamboo into your house

5. Use Japanese style furniture

6. Make your house as simple as possible

7. Use open space and natural lighting

8. Use natural color for interior design

9. Provide space for meditating and learn about Japanese culture


10. Add Japanese accessories

This is 10 tips decorating Japanese-style houses. We hope you enjoy Japanese-style houses. If you are interested in decorating Japanese houses contact with KURAMOCHI SHOWROOM. 

Source: futuristarchitecture.com

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