We hope Japanese culture and design will be expanded the world and lead to the future. KURAMOCHI will take you to  the  Cutting-Edge  of  Japanese  design.

Expand our state-of-the-art design to the world as based on Japanese tradition. There are many things to be proud of regardless of the times in the living culture that the pioneers have cultivated. It is simple, richness, and aesthetic sense is universal which were created by Japanese culture and craftsmen’s skills. We, KURAMOCHI based on “SUKIYA-ZUKURI ( 数寄屋造り)” style and will continue to inherit these traditions and build innovation while making cutting-edge global standard of living.

We hope Japanese culture and design will be expanded the world and lead to the future. KURAMOCHI will take you to the Cutting-Edge of Japanese design.

The Japanese have nurtured a creative culture by continuing to be a country for a long time. The Japanese have discovered “BI(美/beauty)” and have created wisdom and technology to enjoy life through the four seasons while respecting and coexisting with nature. Along with the aesthetic sense and techniques of craftsmen which are represented by the shadow, Japanese design are kept universal value regardless of the flow of the times.

We, KURAMOCHI will adapt the Japanese design that has been inherited all the time to the present lives, and we will continue to sublimate to the future tradition without ending the past culture. Japanese design will proceed from here.

Architecture and Art Design [Skelton-infill Housing and Furniture]

The foundation of KURAMOCHI’s architecture which consists of Japanese traditional “SUKIYA-ZUKURI ( 数寄屋造り)”. “SUKIYA-ZUKURI” made incorporates the construction of a tea room which born in harmony with nature. It is the expression of the space which is born by deep eaves and sliding doors making subtle light shades. Also, it is the refreshing and warmth of natural materials, because of the unique sensitivity of Japanese people, who can make such a pleasing and quiet appearance.


which incorporating the modern style into traditional Japanese architecture. Therefore, we KURAMOCHI will expand and spread to the world as new Japonism.

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