If anyone has a plans or interested in looking for a bathtub and you want to soak in the bath to relax, but you may not know where to start and what is important to consider? Maybe, this article can be your assistant to decide a bathtub.

1. Explore the bathtub mounting area

Because some houses have limited space as townhouses, condominium will also have installation restrictions and conditions in choosing a bathtub. If the bathroom is small, the perfect area to place a bathtub is the same place in the shower. Measure the size of the space which the bathtub is placed and choose the bathtub suitable for the size of the area. The minimum bathtub size is approximately 70 centimeters wide and the minimum length is about 155 centimeters.

2. Choose the right bathtub layout.

  • Floating bathtub: A bathtub on the floor. Some brands or models may have a stand to lift the bathtub up from the floor as a furniture that adorns the bathroom, giving you feel luxury, modern, and a lot of shape to choose. In addition, easy to install, repair, and clean.
  • Embedded bathtub:  This bathtub is suitable for bathrooms with limited space. Installation is more complicated than a floating bathtub. Floor tiles must be dismantled in the area to be installed. Because both the weight of the bathtub, water, people, and the masonry may cause the tiles to break. There must also be additional ground lifting mortar stubs to base the bathtub.

3. Choose your favorite bathtub shape

Bathtub shape with both a rectangular bathtub is a style that is widely used. Round Bathtub; the rounded shape of the bathtub will make the bathroom that is already a square room look smoother. And a corner bath will add dimension to the bathroom. Which shape will be choosen depending on the preference and compatibility with the home décor design. Importantly, do not forget about the size of the space to be installed as well.

4. Select the desired bathtub type.

There are 2 types of bathtub: Ordinary bathtub and Whirlpool Tubs, the main difference to the characteristics of use which the ordinary bathtub focusing on soaking to relax. But Whirlpool Tubs (Jacuzzi bathtub, or Jacuzzi) will has an air compressor system resulting in the release air from the tub and whirlpool, which is like a body massager to relieve fatigue. However,Whirlpool Tubs are more expensive and larger than regular baths.

5. Suitable and durable material

  • Acrylic:  the most popular material for bathtub because it is strong good resistance to scratches, lightweight and easy to clean. In addition, acrylic bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and colors to choose from.
  • Fiberglass: There are many shapes to choose from. This material is inexpensive and most lightweight and their strength is less than those made from acrylic.
  • Porcelain: It is a material with glossy surface. Therefore makes it look beautiful. Strong exceptionally durable. But nowadays is not very popular because  the bathtub is made of porcelain, the weight is heavy, and the price is quite high.
  • Other materials such as brass, copper, marble, wood. It is a bathtub designed to decorate the bathroom to look beautiful. It’s not suitable for actual use because maintenance is quite difficult. It’s also high price as well.

6. The weight of the structure

Because the whole weight of the bathtub combined with the weight of the water at the full sink is heavy. Which according to the law of live loads minimum of living house floor is 150 kg / square meter. Easy way to make a calculation of live loads, the floors can gain whole weight by using the total weight of the bathtub ( the weight of the bathtub + the weight of the water put in full bathtub + the weight of household, who will be soaking in the bath) divided by the area of the bathtub.  Then prove, if it’s overweight than the legal Floor’s weight gain; If overweight, it may need to be reinforced so that it can gain weight.  This depends on the structure of the house and consults with an engineer before installing it.

(* Live Load is a weight that is temporary and unsteady on a building structure, usually referring to people, animals, vehicles, and other items that can change the weight or move. In the Engineering systems, the structure will be designed to be able to withstand the load according to the type of use in the building. (Other than the fixed payload of an existing building). The unit of weight is deterrmined as “Kilograms per Square meter”)

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