Our company’s feature, we must focus on the design & quality. We always take pride in the quality of our materials. We already understood our Thai clients situation. We have tried to modify for the customers until customer’s confirmed. House is one of the most important for every customer to live the customer’s life. You shouldn’t decide only budget. But you should understand your budget also. That’s why, every customer has to inform use the budget at first. Because this is very important for us to design and create for your house and condominium’s room. If you didn’t inform us in advance. You will waste the time for your life. We must explain clearly and create exact suitable house with high quality. Therefore, we can guarantee 1 year by free. Even if after 1 year later, we must support also.

For example, herewith attached those photos for our latest client.

It is a two-family home.

  1. Budget : 22,983,123 baht(Exterior & Interior with small garden).
  2. Size: Total 190.87 sqm ( 1st floor: 142.84 sqm, 2nd floor: 38.09sqm, small garden 9.94sqm )
  3. Construction period : 390 days.
  • The exterior: Japanese modern design that is conscious of Japanese lovers and two households.
  • The interior: Simple Japanese modern.
  • The colors are white and black, and the mirror-finished which we call, “Kyomen-Shiage (鏡面仕上げ)”  table gives a simpler modern feel.
  • The partition between the stairs and the living room is made of solid cypress, and a tree is stuck on the ceiling. And they like the texture.
  • It is said that the customers did not want to put out too much narrow storage, adopting a thing with a height up to the ceiling, even if the storage capacity is too high, also. Of course, living room’s ceiling is too high.
  • There is a large terrace space that never gets wet in the rain, and use our outdoor furniture, too. The customer can enjoy the outside whole day on a sunny day & evening.

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