If you notice the detail of Japanese lifestyle, everything looks interesting. Even the traditional house in Japan as well. Especially style of the construction is very interesting, beautiful and also shows the knowledge of the ancients as well. Today, Kuramochi showroom has many ideas about the entrance area of Japanese Style.

Japanese house is unique because there is a small room at entrance of the house calls “Genkan” this room is using for putting on and taking off the shoes. When the guest arrived, they will take off their shoes here to avoid dirt on the shoes get into the house after they take off the shoes and then put the shoes in “getabako”(geta box). In getabako, there are sandals to use in the house.

The level of “Genkan” as equal to the ground. Normally room in Japanese house, next to “Genkan” is about 30~60cm above the floor. Genkan is the area of the people in the house come out to welcome the guest if the guest is not close friend, they will be talking around here without being invited to the house even though, Japanese house nowadays Influenced by the west but still have Genkan because Genkan is the part to share between outside and to keep the house clean also to avoid dirt on the shoes get into the house. Moreover, there is the belief in feng shui, Japanese people believe that taking off your shoes in the shoe rack will cause spirits or evil things to be unable to enter the house.

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