In Japan, Hinoki wood is used for flooring. Because it is strong and durable. It is difficult to scratch and keeps the house cool, not store heat and has a touch of aroma smell It has its own anti-fungal and insect repellant. Thus helping you to worry about termites or fungi.
Our hinoki wood is dried in 3 processes to maximize the outstanding properties of cypress wood. (Provides excellent color, luster, aroma, resistance to rot and mold, and gives the wood its shape with minimal distortion)
The leaves of the Hinoki Cypress are dried. (Natural drying) at the logging point for about 1 month (3 months or more for cedar)
The color, luster and aroma will increase slowly to the wood gradually drying out. But still maintains strength Even with a slight contraction After that, the wood will gradually dry out naturally. Drying times are half-year outdoor and half-year indoor to reduce humidity to 25% or less to maintain critical oil content. While retaining the stickiness, aroma and luster of the wood which is not found in artificial drying. The wood grain will look beautiful without any cracks on the surface. However, the wood that is dried at high temperatures loses the stickiness of the fibers. It also affects the service life of the wood. (Wood furniture, wood floors, siding and other wood materials in the home), while artificial dehydrated lumber, which is dried in a short time using scientific fuel, is generally commercially available.
This is the reason why our Hinoki wood is so important to “Natural drying” rather than artificial drying, which changes the wood’s properties and energy consumption.

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