If you’re choosing a new roof for your new or existing home, aesthetics or design are important, but so too are the material’s durability and strength Including materials that protect heat from outside and installation requirements. You can not can live comfortably and happily in your house.

1. Concrete roof tiles

Have a feature of the material that is durable. Made of sand, cement, and water. The exact materials vary somewhat with each manufacturer but basically contain Portland cement, blended hydraulic cements and fly ash, sand, and other aggregates. Concrete roof tiles are suitable for a Thai style house such as a contemporary style house or modern Thai style house.

2. Fiber cement roof tiles

Fiber cement roof tiles or double corrugated tiles the material is lighter than other types of roof. But Fiber cement roof tiles is very strong and durable Good protection heat. Can decorating various styles of houses.

3. Ceramic roof tiles

Is material that is very popular with smooth skin texture is coated to have a glossy, helps to slow fading color and helps raining water wash away the stain easily. Protect heat more than other types of tiles. Suitable for roofing, Hip roof (Thai pattern) house and a typical contemporary house.

4. Terracotta roof tiles

Terracotta is a type of clay-based ceramic which is used to create roof tiles. Tiles made from terracotta are a very commonly used roofing material for retro style houses. It also shows good Thai design. Most people therefore like to use terracotta roof tiles to decorate a lot of temples, pavilions or Thai houses.      

5. Translucent tiles

Although the definition of transparent/translucent glass is “allowing light to pass through partially or diffusely,” not all clear glass tiles are translucent in a way that you can see, for example, an object or your hand behind it. Clear glass is the material used to make these tiles, but they can have color or not. Also lightweight only 1.2 mm thick, suitable for installation in garages, patios, patios and balconies etc.

6. Shingles roof

In the past, Shingle roofs were made from natural materials such as wood, so they were not very strong, easily leaky, and not fire resistant. Nowadays, materials have been modified to be fiber coated with asphalt. Making the tiles look beautiful in dimensions and has a lifespan of up to 40 years. It is a very popular material in Western homes.

7. Metal sheet

Metal sheet or coated metal roof that developed from zinc roofs mixing of various metals. Suitable for a modern budget house or used in various industrial factory.

8. Kite tiles

Previously, Kite tiles are made from terracotta. Which is a water-absorbing material, moisture and distorted shape material. Later, The product have been changed by engineering. Please check quality before installation. This is tiles is a good choice style of roof for a colonial style house.

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