Example of housing construction from KURAMOCHI SHOWROOM customers with building concept that allows everyone in the house to relax with the view around your own home. Beautiful japanese style garden And full of functional areas in the household that can add happiness to everyone in the house in every molecule

Construction period: 1 year

Model house size 200. 32 sqm (1st floor 100.10 sqm, 2nd floor 70. 21 sqm, 1st floor Garden: 30.01 sqm)

The estimated prices for residential construction include:

1 living room / dining room With a large multipurpose area
3 multipurpose rooms decorated in a modern style
3 multipurpose rooms decorated in Modern Japanese Style
1 kitchen
2 normal bathrooms
And 1 bathroom in Modern Japanese style with bathtub from premium grade materials
1 Large Japanese style garden

(The price of the residential construction already includes the cost of electrical and plumbing installation)

  • housing construction prices (Made of materials imported from Japan 20%, domestic materials 80%): the price is 17,562,000 baht – 20,990,000 baht.
    (Not including interior decoration & furniture)
  • All construction prices are negotiable.

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